Hear From the Industry's Biggest Players

Bobby Flay

“Elite Race Sales is an important part of my equine team. They do the research and know the players to help pinpoint potential buyers. They are invaluable to my business.”

Ahmed Zayat

Ahmed Zayat, Zayat Stables

“They are a very intelligent group with a keen sense of what it to takes to meet their client’s needs and expectations. Elite Race Sales cares about their clients and goals, all while fulfilling their responsibilities with the utmost integrity.”

Sol Kumin

Sol Kumin, Head Of Plains

“Elite Race Sales has an excellent knowledge of all aspects of valuing horses and a very disciplined approach to selling as well. They’re as good as there is at what they do.”

Eliott Walden

Elliot Walden, Winstar Farm

“I have found Elite Race Sales to be extremely forthright in all of my dealings with them. They know what is going on in the business at every level and they do their best to make sure the client is taken care of every step of the way.”

Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan, SF Bloodstock

“Elite Race Sales’ understanding of the marketplace on an international level gives them a competitive advantage to excel at a very high level. They hit the ground running when joining the market in 2017 and have been fun to deal with since their inception.”

Michael Dubb

Mike Dubb, Leading Owner

“I find their enthusiasm, candor and honesty, a breath of fresh air in the industry. Their knowledge, approach and analytical skills are second to none in a game that is perhaps the most challenging most of us will ever know.”